The Haitian Jack Story

Haitian Jack whose real name is Jacques Agnant, of Haitian descent, has worked with many famous artists over the years. He helped to release their music and promote it in addition to serving as an executive in the industry. Agnant was sentenced to prison in 2004 after shooting a man following a fight at a nightclub on Melrose Avenue, a fashionable shopping district in Los Angeles. In 2007, he was deported to Haiti.

Who is Haitian Jack?

Agnant’s family migrated to East Flatbush, Brooklyn, from Haiti. He later found himself immersed in the street life by selling drugs during the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s. Eventually, he became a club promoter and founded Addictific. He was also involved with singer Madonna. Haitian Jack was born on April 20, 1958. He is now 64yrs old.

Agnant collaborated with various rappers and was friends with Wyclef Jean. He took part in a robbery of a recording studio alongside Tupac Shakur, who then accused Agnant in his song “Against All Odds.” Jack said that he was not involved in the attack.

At this time, Agnant was hired as the Director of A&R by his friend Lance “Un’ Rivera, CEO of the rap label Undeas Recordings. He was also employed as security in 1999 by music executive Steve Stoute following an altercation with Sean “Puff Daddy.”

Haitian Jack Tupac

In the evening, at a party held at The Octagon nightclub, an associate of Haitian Jack introduced him to Tupac. It was there that Tupac met the 19-year-old that accused him of rape. Within 30 minutes of that introduction, Tupac and that young lady got into it. Tupac invited her to his suite at the prestigious Le Parker Meridian hotel in Manhattan in the following hours.

At Manhattan’s luxurious Le Parker Meridien hotel, Tupac invited Jackson to his suite. Jackson went to Tupac’s apartment four days later to find him, Agnant, Charles “Man Man” Fuller, Tupac’s tour manager, and another man already there. Hours later, Shakur, Agnant, and others were accused of gang rape by Jackson. 

Four days after their initial arrest, three counts of first-degree sexual abuse, sodomy, and unlawful firearm possession were filed against Tupac, Fuller, and Agnant. Paul Brenner, the lawyer for Agnant, separated his case from Tupac’s, and Shakur reportedly began to distance himself because he was dubious of Agnant’s objectives.

Tupac mentioned his concerns to Mickey Rourke in November 1994 when they were clubbing. Tupac also claimed Agnant set him up, according to Benza. A claim that Haitian Jack would later deny

On the track “Against All Odds,” Tupac claims Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack are responsible for the infamous shooting outside of Quad Recording Studios in the streets of New York in 1994, in which Pac survived five bullet wounds.

Jimmy Henchman Haitian Jack

In the diss track “Against All Odds,” Tupac accuses Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack of setting up the infamous 1994 shooting outside of Quad Recording Studios in New York, in which Pac survived five bullet wounds. The lyrics imply that the two men had a role in orchestrating the attack, which left Tupac with a lifelong injury. But despite this accusation, no concrete evidence has ever been presented to support it.

Haitian Jack Net Worth

Haitian Jack got deported in 2007. According to some sources, he is currently living in the Dominican Republic. There is no exact figure for Haitian Jack’s net worth, but it is estimated to range from $1 million to $5 million.

Haitian Jack’s deportation has raised some eyebrows among those who are familiar with his case. His supporters maintain that he was wrongly convicted and that he is innocent.?

Whatever the truth may be, The Haitian Jack story provides a unique look into the life and times of one of America’s most notorious promoters.

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