Nègès Da has died – Dalanchika Malbranche

Haiti lost another star. Haitian sensation Dalanchika Malbranche, who goes by Neges Da, has died. The news of the death of Dalanchika Malbranche saddened many Haitians all over the world.

Dalanchika Malebranche, the 8-year-old Nègès Da, died on Sunday after suffering from an illness, according to Yenny, the secretary of Thòy’Art, where Da was exhibiting her talents, announced on their Facebook page.

She passed away as she was about to capture the whole world by surprise; she gained popularity through her charming voice and engaging lyrics. It was amazing that she was only 8 years old to capture an audience of that size so quickly.

The news of the death of the rising star just a few days shy of her ninth birthday shook many people on social media who did not stop commenting to show how it affected them and posted photos and videos of this child.

It was sad to see many people in tears as they described Nègès Da as an intelligent, fiery child who was always ready to read great texts. Thòy’Art was preparing her to reach stardom, but death took her at an age many people did not think possible.

We broke the news of Haitian comedian Alcibiade’s death earlier.

We extend our condolences to her family and fans.

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