Yanick Etienne, the voice of Miste Lanmou has died

In the afternoon, Yanick Étienne, a Haitian singer, died on March 30, 2022. “Mistè Lanmou’s” voice had gotten cervical cancer and a rare form of liver cancer. On Wednesday, she died at 5 p.m. after being hospitalized and transferred to a hospice.

D-Mile, her son, verified the report on Twitter: “RIP mom. I love you”. Carole Jean-Gilles, Yanick Etienne’s sister, accepted calls on the deceased’s phone with deep emotion and sadness in her voice. “She is no longer with us. Everything happened so quickly. I don’t recall, “She said yes.

“She was sick, and it wasn’t diagnosed in time. She only had a few days left when they found out.” Her sister’s voice is full of sorrow, “I wish the diagnosis would have come sooner. It’s just not fair.”

Yanick’s brother, Félix Étienne, a singer with whom she used to tour, said: “In July of 2021, she began to show sickness symptoms. She had various tests done on her and was informed that Everything was fine. She had blood loss, among other things, as the pains worsened.

She switched doctors, and we discovered she had cervical cancer in its fourth stage and a scarce kind of liver cancer.

To use his exact words, he recounted that his sister was flown by helicopter to the hospital and subsequently to a hospice, a specialist facility for ailing patients for whom medicine can do nothing. We couldn’t take her back to Okala because the doctors wouldn’t let us.

She didn’t have enough energy to make the journey, “said the man, reeling from the loss of the woman he still refers to as his “little sister.”

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