Moise Jean Charles of Haiti was arrested and deported.

ZAFENOU|Moise Jean Charles of Haiti was arrested and deported.

The US government canceled the visa of Dr. Moise Jean Charles of Haiti. Jean Charles is the leader of Pitit Dessalines. This comes after his recent visit to Nigeria. As reported by Radio Mega, the leader arrived in the US and was quickly apprehended by customs agents. He was later deported to Haiti. More information […]

Haitian Priest joseph Philippe faces time for rape.

ZAFENOU|Haitian Priest joseph Philippe faces time for rape.

Another Haitian in the news. A priest from South Florida who was convicted of raping a parishioner on church grounds will be sentenced Wednesday, and prosecutors are requesting he be incarcerated for a maximum of 15 years. Monsignor Joseph Philippe, 66, was found guilty of raping a woman in the rectory of Sacred Heart Catholic […]

A Haitian mother killed her 2 kids in Miami

A haitian mother killed her 2 kids

Odette Lysse Joassaint, A Haitian Mother, Is Accused Of Murdering Her Children: ‘They’re Inside, I Don’t Want Them’ MIAMI– A lady from Little Haiti was arrested Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of murdering her daughter and son. Odette Joassaint’s children were discovered bound inside her flat by police. The children’s ankles, wrists, and necks were shackled. […]

400 Mawozo, Haiti’s most notorious gang

ZAFENOU|400 Mawozo, Haiti's most notorious gang

Exhilarated by their victory, the “400 mawozo” resolved to attack the Chen Mechan base before staging a surprise retreat following the handover of their brain master to the United States. RNDDH chronicles the rise and fall of this well-known and influential gang. The 400 Mawozo Gang: An Overview Wilson JOSEPH, aka Lanm 100 Jou, is […]

Eric Jean Baptiste is dead

Erick Jean Baptiste is ead

Eric Jean Baptiste, former presidential candidate and leader of the RDNP party, was fatally injured by gangs in Laboule 12 Eric Jean Baptiste, Secretary General of the Rally of Progressive National Democrats (RDNP) and former presidential candidate of Haiti, was shot and killed on Friday evening, October 28, 2022, on the road leading to his […]

Eddy Alexandre, Another Haitian In Trouble With The Law

ZAFENOU|Eddy Alexandre, Another Haitian In Trouble With The Law

According to federal prosecutors, a New York-based CEO has been charged for participating in a $59 million cryptocurrency fraud that used fake technologies to raise further funds. According to US Attorney Damian Williams, Eddy Alexandre, the CEO of EminiFX, a supposed cryptocurrency, and forex trading platform, was charged with commodities fraud and wire fraud. In […]