How did us destroy Haiti?

In July of 1915, the assassination of the Haitian President sparked a period of unrest and chaos in the Caribbean nation. To restore order and maintain political and economic stability, President Woodrow Wilson of the United States sent in the Marines to occupy Haiti. This occupation lasted for 19 years, from 1915 to 1934.

The Marines were tasked with bringing stability to the region, but in reality, their presence only served to further destabilize the country. The Marines imposed a new government and a new constitution, both of which were designed to benefit the United States. The new government was dominated by US-backed elites who had little interest in the welfare of the Haitian people.

The Marines also imposed an economic system that was designed to benefit US businesses. This system resulted in the exploitation of the Haitian people and the country’s resources. US businesses were allowed to purchase land at extremely low prices, and the US government imposed high taxes on imports and exports. This further impoverished the Haitian people and weakened the economy.

The US occupation also had a devastating effect on Haiti’s culture and society. The Marines imposed a new educational system that was designed to promote US values and ideals. This system was used to indoctrinate the Haitian people and undermine their traditional culture and values.

The US occupation of Haiti had a devastating effect on the country. It weakened the economy, destabilized the government, and undermined the traditional culture and values of the Haitian people. The US occupation of Haiti lasted for 19 years, from 1915 to 1934, and it left the country in a state of disarray. The legacy of the US occupation still lingers today, and the Haitian people are still struggling to recover from the damage that was done.


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