Kokoye Beach

Located on the unspoiled south coast of Haiti, Kokoye Beach offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Accessible only by boat or a thrilling hike, this secluded paradise promises an exclusive experience.

The lack of vehicular access enhances its remote charm, providing a unique sense of freedom. Visitors can enjoy a laid-back glamping experience and participate in activities such as paddle boarding, snorkeling, and exploring sea caves.

The beach also offers farm-to-fork meals featuring fresh seafood and traditional Haitian flavors, adding a delightful culinary aspect to the visit.

Whether you’re relaxing in the calm, waist-deep waters, discovering nearby ruins, or stargazing over the Caribbean, Kokoye Beach is the perfect retreat for those seeking a break from the ordinary.

Location and Access

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Nestled on Haiti’s south coast, Kokoye Beach is only accessible by boat or extreme hiking, providing an island escape feel without car access. A thrilling hour-long boat ride from Petit-Goave offers access to this secluded paradise.

For adventurous souls, extreme hiking to reach the beach unveils an untamed experience. With no car access, the serene and pristine nature of the beach remains unspoiled, creating a sense of freedom and isolation. Visitors can opt for a water taxi from the pier in Petit Goave to reach this hidden gem.

Whether arriving by boat or conquering the challenging hike, Kokoye Beach promises an off-the-grid adventure, making it an ideal destination for those seeking the thrill of exploration and the freedom of a remote island getaway.

Beach Features

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Kokoye Beach boasts a picturesque coastline with pristine white sand beaches and a tranquil, wave-free inlet ideal for a low-key glamping experience. The beach offers a range of beach amenities, providing the perfect setting for beach relaxation.

Here are a few things you can enjoy at Kokoye Beach:

  1. Pristine White Sand Beaches: Lined with swaying palm trees, the beach offers a serene setting for sunbathing and leisurely strolls.

  2. Tranquil and Wave-free Water: The waist-deep, crystal-clear water is perfect for a relaxing dip or unwinding with a refreshing rum punch.

  3. Starry Skies: As the sun sets, stargazers can revel in the Caribbean’s starriest skies, adding a touch of magic to the beach experience.

Kokoye Beach is a haven for those seeking a peaceful escape and the ultimate beach relaxation experience.

Activities and Exploration

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The beach offers ample opportunities for paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming, making it an ideal destination for water-based activities.

Adventurers can explore sea caves at the north end of the beach or venture on a hike around the southeast end to discover the ruins of a swimming pool and mansion.

For the more intrepid explorers, there’s an option for extreme hiking that takes 2-3 hours to reach the beach.

Witness local fishermen at work and observe the art of freediving.

Sailboats also pass by at slower speeds, offering a charming sight.

Whether it’s gliding through the calm waters on a paddleboard or embarking on a hike to unearth intriguing ruins, Kokoye Beach has plenty to offer for those seeking adventure and exploration.

Food and Dining

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Amidst the abundance of activities and exploration, the culinary scene at Kokoye Beach offers a delightful array of fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients, providing a delectable taste of Haiti’s coastal cuisine.

  1. Sea to Table Meals: Indulge in the catch of the day, expertly grilled over sizzling embers, offering a true taste of the ocean.

  2. Haitian Fusion Flavors: Experience the unique blend of garlic, hot peppers, lime, and local spices, infusing the dishes with authentic Haitian flavors.

  3. Farm-to-Fork Delights: Enjoy the freshest ingredients as grilled lambi, fish, and lobster are served for lunch and dinner, showcasing Haiti’s rich culinary heritage.

The food and dining experience at Kokoye Beach promises a delicious journey through Haitian cuisine, where the sea meets the table, and the vibrant flavors of the coast come to life.

Travel Tips

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Visitors should bring small bills in Haitian gourdes for easier transactions while at Kokoye Beach. While US dollars are accepted, having local currency ensures smoother interactions. Embracing budget-friendly options, such as carrying small bills, supports the local economy and simplifies purchases from vendors offering cultural experiences.

Whether it’s savoring authentic Haitian cuisine or purchasing handicrafts, having the right currency facilitates seamless transactions. Additionally, supporting the local economy by bringing about change allows for greater flexibility in exploring the beach’s offerings.

Visitors can also prepare for a DIY adventure or take advantage of staff services, enhancing their freedom to tailor their experience. By being equipped with the right currency and mindset, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the remote and culturally rich environment of Kokoye Beach.

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