The Haitian Mermaid – Are they real?

woman in gray tank dress lying on body of water during daytime

As with any culture, Haiti has its folklore and mythology. One of the most well-known stories from Haitian culture is the mermaids. Mermaids are beautiful creatures who live in the ocean, and they often help sailors navigate their way through storms. In Haitian Vodou, there is a particular mermaid known as the La Sirene. La […]

The Obscured History of the 1864 Haitian Vodou Trial

Affaire Bizoton trial

Haitian Vodou, often rendered as Haitian Voodoo in the Western world, represents a fascinating spiritual tradition intertwined with Haiti’s tumultuous history. A pivotal episode that profoundly shaped Vodou’s narrative is the controversial 1864 Haitian Vodou Trial in 1864 Port-au-Prince for the alleged murder and cannibalism of a young girl. Understanding the Charges Against Haitian Vodou […]