Haitian Fruits: A Guide to the Tropical Delights of Haiti

Haitian Fruits A Guide to the Tropical Delights of Haiti

Haiti, an island nation in the Caribbean with a tropical environment, is home to an abundance of delectable fruits, which are essential to the Haitian diet and the country’s culture.  Haitian fruits offer various flavors and textures sure to excite the senses, ranging from the juiciness of mangoes and pineapples to the creaminess of avocados […]

Haitian Griot: The History of the Dish

Haitian griot - the history of the dish

Although the griot is considered the main dish in Haitian cuisine, not too many people know about the history of the griot. Haitian cuisine is known for its many delicious dishes, one of which is griot. This dish is always served at Haitian parties and is a must-have for anyone visiting the country. Griot is […]

Haitian Food Lalo – The Delicious dish You’ve Never Tasted

Haitian food lalo

If you’re looking for an authentic Haitian dish to spice up your taste buds, look no further than Haitian food lalo. This spicy rich stew is perfect for warming up on a cold day, and the unique flavor will leave you wanting more. While there are many variations of it, all versions are sure to […]

Haitian Spaghetti Recipe – What Are the Ingredients

Haitian Spaghetti What are the ingredients

Did you know that there are over 50 different types of pasta? We’ll take a look at some of them and talk about which type of pasta you should use for making this Haitian Spaghetti recipe. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the ingredients needed to make the authentic Haitian Spaghetti dish and some basic […]

Tips for Finding the Best Haitian Restaurant in Your Area

finding the best haitian restaurant in your area hero image

Finding the best Haitian restaurant near me is tricky, especially when you live far from a major city. The best place to find authentic Haitian food is at a small neighborhood restaurant. In addition, restaurants that serve traditional Haitian dishes have a better atmosphere. Suppose you want to discover the best Haitian restaurant in your […]

Haitian Patties

Haitian Patties

Authentic Haitian Patties are a specialty appetizer that can be found at every event. The pastry is generally filled with various meats, including beef, chicken, pork, and fish. Besides being offered as an appetizer at multiple gatherings, Haitian patties are a must-have while tasting Haitian cuisine for the first time.  The word patty is derived […]