Sexless marriages


Amongst the daily life stresses and hardship, intimacy should be one of the many exciting things that one looks forward to at the end of the day, especially for the married couples. However, sex among married people is barely non-existent. Some would even say that if somebody does not want to have sex, they should just get married. While this may seem like a joke to young people, most of married couples are experiencing this first-hand. Right behind finances, sexlessness in marriage follows as a significant source of conflict, especially when one partner wants to have sex, and the other does not entertain the idea of sex.

There are various reasons as to why sexual intercourse declines as time elapses in a marriage. Among them, boredom and tiredness are crucial attributes, and this happens due to couples having a lot of sex before marriage leaving minimal or nothing to look forward to later on because of the lack of spunk thereof. On the same note, creating a balance between the gender roles assigned to women, and their careers leave women exhausted at the end of the day. More so or less, erectile dysfunction is another arising problem for men and relationships. Intimacy becomes less important when everyone gets too comfortable. We tend to lack in giving and receiving intimacy leading to the sexual desiring of one another.

Prior sexual violations in life can also be a cause for a lack of sexual desires and should be treated accordingly. Furthermore, sexual orientation and education, which mostly paint sex as shameful and risky to women while also side-lining their satisfaction can interfere with sexual desires within the marriage, leaving man as the initiator always. The lack of sex in marriage is the leading cause of cheating, whereby the males cheat to preserve the marriage while women cheat to get away from sexlessness, and to some, resolving to masturbation. From my point of view, based on the health, and psychological benefits that sex brings, couples should be sensitized on the importance of open communication throughout the marriage.


This is a very important topic.... As I am on the other corner, I think it has to do partly with physical attractions. Depi fi an finn marye, li pa bay feeling anko, se rezon sa mwen panse lisans maryaj te dwe tanpore, ak opsyon pouw renouvle. Imajinew ou marye ak on fi, ou pa jwenn bel alsiyis, ou pa jwenn bel rel, ou pa jwenn bel pozisyon. Sa pouw fe ?

since se plis mesye yo ki deyo a ap cheche kek ti grenn, mwen ka di se medam yo ki anto.