Seeking help


The inclination to seek help can indeed be scary for many people because they don’t want to be seen as inferior to those in different circumstances. It is admitting that they are vulnerable/broken.

Often times we evaluate ourselves against the successes of others, which can be very detrimental. With the infiltration of social media, it can be difficult not to see all of the great things others are doing, and think to yourself that your life seems less important than theirs. Therefore making a monkey ass out of yourself.

As we know all people are diverse, have different opportunities, and have various arrival times to their successes. At its simplest, therapy is just having another outlet in life, someone to talk to who is not a friend, co-worker, family member, or significant other.

When we unload our problems to those people in our lives, it can become quite complicated and affect the relationship in many negative ways. But that shouldn't stop you to look for someone to talk to outside of your circle.

You don’t need to have something major happening in your life to feel the benefits of therapy. Having someone to help you recognize goals, change patterns, and improve relationships whether with your partner or dealing with others is always beneficial and it is really an investment in yourself!

It is never too late in getting help, trust me it can be a game-changer