Happy ending


The number of years of a marriage does not necessarily mean it’s a happy marriage. Just like Sternberg's love triangle theory (look it up)
gen koup ki rete nan on maryaj pa paske yo satisfer men pou anpil lot rezon tankou pou timoun yo, pou sosyete a, ou di mwen yo pa vle kraze maryaj la pou separasyon byen ak lajan e genyen menm ki jouk rete paske yo santi yo konfortab konsa. It's like putting your favorite relaxing sweats on, you know it’s inappropriate to wear outside the house but feel so comfy that you also won’t throw it away.

There is no easy fix solution to a happy marriage. People changed all the time whether you are in your 20s or going through a mid-life crisis. The person you met before this big commitment can drastically change once you are now obligated to each other. Yes, there will be some cues that if you had waited you would have seen before but to me, t’s not definitive.

Growing up back home I’ve seen this often where men are complaining on how they barely recognize who they were dating and now married to. How she changed. Well,it is mostly due to culture, men were allowed to be them, bad or good since he is the one making the decision on who he wants to marry while the women had to “play nice" in order to be the chosen one and once that ring is on their fingers their real personality comes out.

Jan avan yo te marye jan mennaj yo t konn pran swen kor yo, t konn pran swen neg la men kou yo finn marye fi a tounen on manman lougarou nan kay la. li lage korl.

So what makes a marriage work?

I believe if you ask three different couples what is their definition of marriage, you will have 3 different answers. What works for X might not work for Y.