Covid-19 Unemployment catch – Korona chomaj


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In some states, you cannot turn down certain offers when you are collecting unemployment. In New York state for instance, you are required to accept any suitable offers if you are collecting.

What is suitable work?

Suitable work usually means an offer that is in your field or any field that is related to a skill that you have. Compensations must also be comparable.In light of what is going on with the Corona-virus, many healthcare facilities and even some heads of state are offering big bucks for people to join the industry or return to it.In recent weeks, unemployment offices are seeing record numbers of new claims due to the Corona virus. The pandemic is causing havoc all over the world.

Stimulus packages

Developed and undeveloped countries, big or diminutive, most countries are offering some sort of a stimulus package to aid the ones that are less blessed.

While brave first respondents are doing their best to minimize the further spread of COVID-19, they are the...

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