A Haitian mother killed her 2 kids in Miami

Odette Lysse Joassaint, A Haitian Mother, Is Accused Of Murdering Her Children: ‘They’re Inside, I Don’t Want Them’

MIAMI– A lady from Little Haiti was arrested Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of murdering her daughter and son.

Odette Joassaint’s children were discovered bound inside her flat by police.

The children’s ankles, wrists, and necks were shackled. Although the medical examiner’s office is still investigating the cause of death, officers believe it was likely strangling.

“One is Jeffrey, and the other is Laura,” distraught father Frantzy Belval explained as he handed us photographs of his two children: Laura, 5, and Jeffrey, 3.

Who is being charged with doing the horrific act? Their biological mother.

“As a mother, what are your emotions?” “Is there a devil within your head?” Darlene Petion, a family friend, inquires.
Joassaint, 41, is currently in custody on charges of murdering her children.
Two children’s father, who was discovered dead in their Little Haiti house, puts up photographs of his children.
According to police, she called them last night and appeared to be experiencing a mental health crisis.

“We received multiple 911 calls. They were calling, but she was silent,” Miami Dade Police Officer Michael Vega explained.
When Miami police officers entered the apartment, they discovered the youngsters were restrained and unresponsive.

“She did say one thing to officers: They’re inside. Proceed to collect them. “I’m not interested in them,” Vega stated.

While police are still investigating what led to the deaths, they have stated that this is not the first time they had visited the residence.
“We’ve answered multiple times there,” Vega adds.

According to family acquaintances, Joassiant and Belval were together a few years ago, but the children were living with their mother.
“At moments, she was a nice mother; at others, I’m not sure,” Petion adds.
Police said they’ve responded to trespassing, various disturbances, and domestic violence in the past, but this is the first time an event involving children has occurred.
They have also contacted DCF, and we are awaiting word on their engagement with this family.


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A haitian mother killed her 2 kids

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